Twitter, With a Discrete New Feature, Bows to King Email

If you use a Twitter application on your phone, how often do you email a tweet to a friend, relative or colleague that’s not on Twitter or not? I have, many times. But now with what Twitter has added, I know I’ll start emailing tweets to my parents. Not only will it give them definite value but it will make it easier for me to explain, again, what Twitter is for and how it works. Who knows, it might even get them to sign up.Tweet on site YacineBaroudi

On the heels of Facebook introducing #hashtags, Twitter is once again proving that it knows how to stay relevant and ahead of the curve by just adding matter of fact type features: on its desktop site, it has quietly added the ability to email a tweet at the click of a link.

With the added ability to include or not, the email associated with the Twitter account for the recipient to reply (2). You can also add a comment (3) and, true to Twitter’s genesis, in 140 characters or less.

TwitterEmail at Origin YacineBaroudiThis move is important from a relevance standpoint because as it will help make Twitter even more ubiquitous and draw in new users. With all its might and over $10 billion valuation, Twitter, in my opinion, bows to email as the de facto way that people use to communicate and connect.

Twitter has even pushed the envelope to allow outgoing emails to originate from its internal system (4) as opposed to the user having to enter its own email address. It does make things a bit faster, maybe to make up for the fact that you still have to go copy and paste in destination emails.

Tweet Inbox YacineBaroudi

On arrival, the email header (6) clearly identifies the originator by full name and Twitter handle. The comment (7) is clearly at the top of a beautifully formatted tweet that compliments the conciseness of the tweet itself.

The email signature (8) is none other than a button to check out the sender’s Twitter profile.

What’s your email habit with Twitter? How might this change affect it? Will you use the feature at all?