Siri Makes Its Way To The Mac… Incognito

It was only a matter of time and only another sign of worlds colliding. Or rather, I should say a world taking over the other and you know which one is taking over… the mobile one.

As I was updating my Mac this AM to the new OS X (10.8.2) a slew of new features showed up and 2 caught my eye so far, underscoring the current mobile take over.

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1 — Twitter:

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iOS 5: Move Over Email, Twitter Is Here


It is with great fanfare that iOS 5 was unveiled at the WWDC 2011 in San Francisco today. One of theMake some room email, and say hello to my new little friend: Twitter! notable features announced today — among many others like iMessage which rings in more ways then one the end of the widely popular of Blackberry’s BBM — is the take over by Twitter of the email function in iOS 5.

So far, pretty much anywhere on iOS stock apps, a button to share a screen, link or photo via email was never far. Well as this fall, email will no longer be the lone iOS link to the outside world from your idevice… Make some room email, and say hello to my new little friend: Twitter!

Move over email, Twitter is here iOS 5If Facebook has conquered the web with its “like” button, Twitter not content at following suit with a mirroring “Tweet” button, is thus also conquering the very tools we all use to access the web. But iOS 5 is not Twitter’s first pass at flirting with and embedding itself in a tool.

Firefox has already said ‘yes’ to Twitter by adding a very neat add-on that allows to, not only simply type a @username in the search bar and get the corresponding Twitter profile automatically, but also allows to type a #hashtag in to automatically get all tweets tagged with that hashtag.

If you use Firefox, you can get Twitter’s official add-on here. Do note in passing, that this Twitter move will add to the long list of casualties it has already caused; take a look at Twitpic, Twitvid and other Firefox tweeting helper while they’re still alive. It not just for kicks that Twitter has taken advantage of the launch of its very own photo and video sharing service (in partnership with photobucket) to push the use of hashtags and going as far as suggesting that a hashtag is worth more words than a picture: 1,000,000 to be exact.

Firefox and Twitter got married
Firefox and Twitter: Just Married

All clear signs that Twitter is, in my mind, going about conquering the web a bit more smartly — some might say insidiously — than Facebook, who has yet to show such ‘physical’ integration with the tools we use to access the web everyday.


What do you think of Twitter’s approach? Why do you think Facebook has not adopted a similar tack?

… Not that it probably won’t soon now.