To Counter The Glasshole Image, Google Shows A Worthwhile Glass Wearer In New Spot

The wearable tech has to work on its image, something nonprofit wildlife research can probably help with.

The idea of a face-mounted computer is at the very forefront of consumer technology but since its launch, a lot of the discussion around Google Glass tends to be one of image. The company took some significant steps to make sure its wearable tech innovation wasn't dorked to death by enlisting the likes of Warby Parker but it seems there's still more than a whiff of doubt that it will catch broader appeal any time soon. The recent, very public, break-up between Glass and perhaps its biggest proponent outside the Googleplex hasn't helped.

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Google Glass is going to be sold to the public on April 15th

Google Glass
Google is going to be offering a one-day sale of Google Glass to the public. This is great news if you are an early adopter or wanted to be part of the Explorer program, but did not receive an acceptance.

These spots are limited though and Google Glass could sell out quickly. Google Glass is going live for the public on April 15th. Google said that it will be selling the same Google Glass unit that other Explorers have bought.

It will still cost $1,500. Google is including its designer frames. The sale starts at 9AM EDT on that date at this link.


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Google Street View Expands To Gondola Rides In Venice

Google Street View is now available in the city of Venice, Italy.  Venice is known for its romantic canals and singing gondola rowers.  You can use Google Street View to visit landmarks in Venice like Piazza San Marco, St. Marks’ Cathedral, the Synagogue of the first Jewish Ghetto, and the Devil’s Bridge in Torcello island.  The images were captured using Google’s Trekker and Trikes.  Venice has 265 miles of imagery on foot and 114 miles by boat.

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