Facebook wants to bring free web access to 100 countries by end of year


BARCELONA — Facebook told a few members of the press this week that its Internet.org initiative, which aims get more of the world's population online, is on track for an aggressive expansion.

Chris Evans, VP of Internet.org at Facebook, said the company plans to expand into 100 countries by the end of the year. The program is currently set up in six countries — Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Colombia and India — and has helped more than 7 million people access health, employment and local information services without data charges.

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Chris Hadfield’s ‘Guide to Optimism’ for the New Year


Chris Hadfield wants to hear your New Year's resolutions.

In a video called "Guide to Optimism", the retired Canadian astronaut shared his optimistic take on the state of the world today, citing a continuing rise in global literacy, a decrease in infant morality rates and the eradication of deadly diseases, such as smallpox in 1980 and rinderpest in 2011

"We live the way we do because people chose to tackle their problems head-on," Hadfield says, before encouraging people to actively take up causes they're passionate about in the New Year.

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Toms Launches Marketplace for Socially Conscious Goods


Toms, the socially conscious brand that donates shoes or provides eye care for each pair of shoes or sunglasses that it sells, launched an online marketplace on Tuesday

The offshoot, Toms Marketplace, carries more than 200 products from 30 different companies, all of which incorporate giving back into their business models.

"At Toms, we feel it's our responsibility to give companies that are integrating a social mission into their business some exposure," Toms founder Blake Mycoskie told Mashable. "How can we use our community and infrastructure to lift up our movement? I just loved this idea, and it can provide a big benefit to these organizations." Read more...

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