Coding is The Closest Thing We Have To A Superpower

search_engine_friendlyCoding is a superpower. That’s how Drew Houston aka @drewhouston, creator of DropBox describes coding in this video introducing

Founded by Hadi Partovi aka @hadip, entrepreneur and angel investor. is a non-profit organization that aims to fight code illiteracy in our schools. Its underpinning belief being that coding, i.e. harnessing technology, is the assurance of a better tomorrow for our kids.

Great coders are today’s rockstars‘ —, Black Eyed Peas Lead

The image of the crazy coder living exclusively on pizza and energy drinks and working in a screen glow lite room for 36 hours straight, is long gone.

‘The programmers of tomorrow are the wizards of the future. You’re gonna look like you have magic powers’ — Gabe Newell aka @GabrielNewell, Founder Valve

Watch Zuck, Bill Gates and others discuss why learning code is important. Whether it is to be a race car driver, building a house, playing baseball, being in agriculture, entertainment or manufacturing, technology is revolutionizing everything, everywhere.

‘I wish I had been told earlier that software is about humanity, that it’s is about helping other people by using technology’ — Vanessa Hurst aka @DBNess, Coding for Humanity helps schools get set up and offer this critical ability. Initiation courses start at 6 years old!

Join in! I’m personally working with a local San Diego school to help on this important subject. How about you?

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3 Replies to “Coding is The Closest Thing We Have To A Superpower”

  1. If the crazy coder who lives exclusively on pizza and energy drinks and working in a screen glow lite room for 36 hours straight… is extinct – we have a serious problem. Things are just not going to happen at the speed of e – not like they did.

    Coding is not the superpower per se, it allows access to platforms that advance human creativity, problem-solving and process innovation.

    But I could be wrong. [grin]

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    1. @Stan I don’t know that he’s extinct but there are definitely variants to the model now. In our world and more so in the coming one, coding will be just like you say: an enabler. That’s whats is making coding all the more relevant because, as such enabler, it applies to more and more areas, to eventually become ubiquitous in our (super powered?) lives.

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