Why Work Doesn’t Happen At Work… It’s The M&Ms

What is your favorite place or time to do some important work? When is the last time you had 3 hours to yourself at the office? Distractions? Interruptions? What do many employers say they fear at the thought of  letting their people work from home? Distractions? Interruptions?

Jason Fried - Co-Founder 37Signals
Jason Fried - Co-Founder 37Signals

Vicious circle? Where do we go from here? Listen to Jason Fried the founder of 37Signals pinpointing the real problem, the M&Ms problem…

What strikes me is that Jason is not the first one to raise this issue over the years but very little seem to happen in the real world. No matter how successful, you are, do you still feel uneasy about admitting that your main place of work is home? What’s been your experience?



2 Replies to “Why Work Doesn’t Happen At Work… It’s The M&Ms”

  1. Again, another young man trying to sell the obvious (we’ve been preaching this for decades) and he gets to be on TED because he’s known in his community. And top to all it off, he stereotypes managers. He generalizes what he may have observed in a few people and applies it the entire manager population! That’s a junior attitude when you see it, I’m sorry to say. And now unfortunately, you’ll be seeing genYers asking in interview that their boss be like this or like that, that he should let them do this or do that, etc.. This guy should do a review of his presentation and judgment, I don’t care how famous he is.

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